Terms and Conditions


  • All players will be subject to an Administration fee when entering an event.  This Administration fee covers:
    • The Merchant Fee charged through Stripe
    • A small charge for Administration costs
  • All Players will receive a reminder email 14 days before the start of the event.  This email will highlight the Cancellation time players will have.
  • Players cannot cancel 7 days before the Event date (or as otherwise advised when receiving the Booking Confirmation).  The Clubs will consider the circumstances involved. 
  • Players that cancel their booking are responsible for emailing their Cancellation email to support@findagame.com.au to receive a refund on their Entry payment. 
  • Players that cancel their booking anytime after 24 hours from their Booking time, will forfeit their Booking Fee.
  • Players that cancel their booking less than 7 days prior to the Event Date, will forfeit their Booking Fee and forfeit 20% of the Entry Payment as an Administration fee (unless the Club considers the circumstances for withdrawal are justified).  For example, if the Entry Fee is $100 + $2.50 Booking Fee, the Players will only receive $80 as a refund.


  • Clubs are responsible for discontinuing the Subscriptions.  
  • Subscriptions are automatically deducted from the Payment details given to Find A Game.
  • Clubs that want to cancel their Subscription after payment has been made will have a $20 Administration Fee removed from their refund.
  • Clubs are required to forward the Player Cancellation email to support@findagame.com.au if they deem a Cancellation after the 7 day limit on Player cancellations as reasonable (in which the Player will receive a full refund of their Entry Payment).
  • Find A Game reserves the right to not supply Clubs with email information from Entrant Lists for all Tournaments.
  • Clubs can request an email to be sent to All Players of a particular Tournament through contacting support@findagame.com.au.  This request includes previous Tournaments held by the Club.
  • All Tournament entries must be filled through Find A Game.  Manual Entries can be requested.  Find A Game retains the right to NOT allow Manual Entries of any Tournament listed on its website.