Frequently Asked Questions of our Support Team.

Barefoot Bowls Near Me

Players FAQ

There are many different ways to search for events. Firstly, go to the search menu and select Search By Map or Search By List.   The Map feature shows different events all plotted out on a map which can be zoomed in or out.
The List feature lists all events by type and is sorted by the most recent events.

Using the search functions, once you find the Tournament you’d like to enter, hit the Book Now button to start the entry process.

Fill in all of the required entry form details then click the Submit Booking button, enter your payment details and you’re booked.

You will then receive a confirmation email about your booking. You will also receive a reminder for the Tournament 7 days out from the date.

The website has an excellent SSL certificate which encrypts all information sent to and from the Payment Gateway. The Payment Gateway we use is one of the most used payment gateways on the internet these days in Stripe. If you have EFTPOS services at your club, you’re more than likely using Stripe.

You can cancel, but only up until 7 days before the tournament. To cancel your entry, go to the My Bookings page, select the Action button which will give you the option to Cancel.

Once cancelled, you will receive a confirmation email that you have cancelled. You will then need to send that to support@findagame.com.au to organise a refund on your entry fee (minus the booking fee).

Depending on the entrant fee, there is a level of Admin fees associated with the Entry.  This is a minimal amount to cover card transaction fees and the cost of running the website.

Let’s just say, it’s cheaper than the fees associated with booking other sporting events!

Clubs FAQ

To be a Club Member of Find A Game, go to the Contact Us page and send us an email.

Once received, we will contact you to get all of your details and make sure the Club is setup in our list of Clubs.

Adding a Tournament is pretty simple.  Go to the Events menu item, then click New Tournament.

The New Tournament page will appear in which you add the details of the tournament.  In the Description field, add information pertaining to the Tournament that isn’t present in the other fields (Clothing Requirements, Food Details, Separated Prize Money).

Finally, click the Enable Registration for this Event checkbox and fill out the Entry details.

Once finished, Support will receive an email and will enable your Tournament.  The rest is history, just watch those spaces fill up.

Once Support has received notification that a tournament has been entered, you can expect the tournament to be listed within 24 hours maximum.

When the Tournament is enabled by Support, it will appear on all the search tools within the site.

You will also receive a confirmation email.

On top of all of that, we will send you a link to your tournament, along with a QR code to add to your flyers.  

We will then add that tournament to our Facebook Page and share that to other Tournament Facebook pages in your state.

Adding Social / Barefoot bowls is similar to Tournament events.  Click on the Add Social / Barefoot menu items and fill out your details.

The only difference here is that you need to select a “This is a recurring event”.  

In the date field, click a Date Span rather than one specific date.   Then tell the system how often the event repeats.

In the description, add as much detail as you possibly can, including a contact number if required (otherwise you will get emails for enquiries).